Full narrowed space of wideness of letters to elevate recognition and simplift sanserif materiral.
Threr must not be changing in whatever cases because it's company's formal manifestation, and special attenton must be paid.


Logo Type
  • To elevate recognition special care was taken for linking the feature of Korean letter's consonants and vowels
    Put individuality practicing maximum unbalance according to existence of consonant cluster
  • Chinese character has so many strokes and are such complicated that we focus on simplification of its function if possible.
    By smooth linking between strokes considering product's image, we dealt width the linking of horizontal and vertical strokes in curved face.

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Color Type
  • Main color I PANTONE 285 CVC(C:90 M:45 Y:0 K:0)
    1. Sub color 1 PANTONE 802 CVC(C:55 M:0 Y:90 K:0)
    2. Sub color 1 PANTONE 165 CVC(C:0 M:60 Y:100 K:0)