• 15000Ton Forging Press

    Together with the 400MT manipulator, the 15,000-ton forging press is the world’s largest 2-column, open-die type forging press that is capable of producing forged shells of 6-meter diameter and 150-ton weight and shafts of 20-meter length and 150-ton weight. It is state-of-the-art forging equipment designed for manufacturing high-quality large shells for nuclear power and petrochemical plants, wind power main shafts, marine propeller shafts, and industrial machine shafts.

  • 8000Ton Forging Press

    The 8000-ton forging press is important equipment used to manufacture not only large impression die forging, but also blanks used in manufacturing large ring forging for Ø9000mm ring rolling mill.

  • 5000Ton Forging Press

    Together with the 125MT manipulator, the 5000-ton forging press is the latest, highly-productive equipment that can manufacture products of up to 60-ton weight and 5-meter length. It is specifically used for main shafts dedicated to wind power generation, marine propeller shafts and large diesel engine forging, which require high precision.

  • 3500Ton Forging Press

    The 3500-ton, push-down type hydraulic press works as a set with the 45MT mobile manipulator. This highly-efficient equipment has a 4-column structure and consists of two-layered bottom die, hydraulic top die, turn table and sliding table, making it possible to replace molds at high speeds. It can manufacture a wide range of marine engine parts, blinds, and rough-shaping parts for wind power flanges.

  • 2000Ton Forging Press

    This equipment specifically manufactures blanks for small and medium sized forging products.

  • 1500Ton Forging Press

    Together with the 40MT manipulator, this equipment is suitable for small and medium sized marine engine parts and industrial forging products.